The SAVA Working Group coordinates the activities in South-Eastern Europe, mainly in the Balkan region. It was formed in 1992 during the wars and conflicts that took place in this region.

SAVA´s mission is to develop values of peace, intercultural understanding, acceptance and environmental awareness through the promotion of volunteerism and empowerment of individuals and communities in the Balkans.

SAVA’s strategic goal is to promote volunteerism and its value for a peaceful world.

In particular, SAVA aims to:

  • Promote and strengthen collaboration between branches, partners and potential partners within the region, as well as facilitating more short term and long term volunteer exchanges within the Balkan region.
  • Organise joint and coordinated activities in terms of trainings, work camps, study parts and local community actions.
  • Develop capacities for education and spreading knowledge among SAVA and beyond in order to develop volunteerism and peace.
  • Mentorship from SCI SAVA branches for new contacts and partners in the Balkans in order to have reliable and stable partner organisations in all countries of the region. SAVA aims to develop partnership with any organisation sharing its goals and values.

A group of volunteers are currently in the Balkans, on the frontline working together with other international and local teams giving support to refugees.

Most of the volunteers, including all independent and SCI volunteers cover their travel costs and costs of stay in the place where they help. Volunteers are traumatized, getting sick and exhausted, but still they are the main source of solidarity in such a difficult and for most of us unimaginable conditions.

Volunteers on the frontline

We invite you to show your support to these volunteers not only by donating money but also sending your messages of solidarity and raising awareness in your own communities.

For more information about SAVA, please send a message to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.