No More War Camps

We are excited to share the latest list of No More War camps with you for this summer!

No More War camps place a special emphasis on peace, anti-militarism, and non-violence, making a clear statement of pacifism in times where there are still many wars going on in the world.

Making Peace in Ukraine (Kyiv) (1.7.2016-10.7.2016)
Topics: Children and Youth, Art, Peace

Preservation of Jewish heritage (Chernivtsi) (14.8.2016- 27.8.2016)
Topics: Art, Culture and Local History

Paths of Peace (16.7.2016-30.7.2016)
Topics: Peace and Disarmament, Construction, Restoration and Renovation

Wikipedia for Peace 2016: Environmental Justice (10.8.2016-21.8.2016)
Topics: Peace and Disarmament, Environment,  Peace + Study

Sri Lanka
"We are the bridge" (3.8.2016- 13.8.2016)
Topics: Peace and Disarmament, Children and Social

Seeds of Peace (7.8.2016- 20.8.2016)
Topics: Environment and Peace

Bear the Peace (8.8.2016- 21.8.2016)
Topics: Art, Construction, Peace and
Environment + Study