Nepal Update 11/06/2015

The Coordination Team Disaster Earthquake Nepal - CTDEN presents the following workcamps in Nepal, for more information about the camps, placement and general info after the earthquakes, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
You can find more information about each workcamp by clicking on the relevant link which will take you to the online placement system. 
Please note that all the camps require a participation fee of 200 euro, to be paid on arrival.
disaster relief workcamps nepal
04/07/15 – 14/07/15   10 volunteers
Worktype: work with children/disaster relief/sport
The aim of the workcamp is to bring the lost laughter back that was plucked by the earthquake of 25th April 2015 
Work: sketching, painting, games and sports, singing and dancing, whatever there is to ease the pain and anxiety among children and adult communities: ‘Laughter is the power of life’.  
Accommodation: in a school
Workcamp for Disaster Relief Bhaktapur District 
18/08/15 - 29/08/2015   12 volunteers
This is a disaster relief work camp (only open to experienced volunteers).
Location: Bhaktapur  
Many people were left homeless after the earthquake, (including some of the local volunteers you will work with) If their homes were not completely destroyed, then they were too badly damaged, to ever live in again.
Work: A whole spectrum of work is already under way, so work could involve food and water distribution, sanitation, shelter, rubble clearance, health hygiene projects, childrens programs and working in refugee camps.
Qualifications: No academic qualifications are needed, just motivation, enthusiasm and the will to help others in need. The ability to work as a team, remaining impartial and understanding other people’s needs and problems. Physically fit and able to undertake manual tasks. Good mental health and an ability to react well to stress and hardship. 
21/08/15 – 31/08/15    15 volunteers
Worktype: Teaching/Disaster Relief/Restoration- renovation
This workcamp takes place in the historical place of Changu, 7km from Bhaktapur. After the tremendous loss of property due to the earthquake, we would like to hold an SCI international Camp in Dolagiri higher Secondary School, the classes are not in the condition to be operable which we plan to manage.
Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided in the school itself. You will need to bring a mattress and sleeping bag.
29/10/15 – 08/11/15     10 volunteers    
Work Type: Construction / Manual / Disaster relief
Description:  As an SCI member we would like to hold an SCI international camp in Shree Ladkewori Lower Secondary School where we have already carried out previous camps. Due to the recent disaster the classes are not in the
condition to be operable.  
Work: management of ruin of school building and surrounding area.
Accommodation: in the village normal accommodation with matresses.
Requirements: sound physical health