North and South America

With SCI you can volunteer on both short and long term projects in the the America´s. There are different projects to choose from in U.S.A., Canada and the countries in Latin America. The projects are organised by SCI branches and local partner organisations. For a project in Latin America, either short, mid- or long term, it is important to have basic Spanish or Portuguese language skills. Sometimes these are provided alongside the project, which makes the voluntary experience all the more rewarding.  For other projects you may have to practice your Spanish a little beforehand, but this is a small effort considering what you gain once you are on a project working with the local community. Being able to communicate with the people just makes your volunteer experience all the more worth while! 

Coming to Europe

There is a special mid term programme for volunteers from Latin America to go on a mid-term voluntary exchange to Europe. This programme is organised by a few European SCI branches. Volunteers on this programme get the opportunity to participate in European workcamps, and join a special training programme, together with volunteers from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. For more information about this programme you can contact your local branch or partner organisation, or one of the regional working groups.

Abya Yala Working Group

In Latin America SCI organises international voluntary projects in Ecuador, Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru in cooperation with partners and with the support of the Abya Yala working group. Abya Yala aims at facilitating voluntary exchanges to and from Latin America, and through these, at promoting and encouraging socio-political awareness and solidarity with and within the region.  Currently the Abya Yala working group is actively searching for new partner organisations to implement international voluntary projects with, in Guatemala and Bolivia. You can read more about Abya Yala´s activitities under the section Working Groups.