Asia and Australia

After Europe, it is in the Asia-Pacific area where SCI has a strong presence. Currently there are SCI branches in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan and Hong Kong.  Apart from the SCI branches, SCI cooperates also with many partner organisations in this region. In Australia SCI is represented through IVP Australia.

Asian Development Programme

In the Asia-Pacific area SCI staff and volunteers have gathered in the Asian Development Committee (ADC). The ADC aims at facilitating, recommending and evaluating projects and activities in the framework of the Asian Development Programme. 

Asian Voices

This is the magazine of the Asian Development Committee, which is made up of representatives from SCI Asian branches, Australia and Mauritius. It brings news and stories from SCI involvement in this part of the world. You can access the current and previous issues on our Newsletter section. 

Coming to Europe

There is a special programme for volunteers from North Africa and the Middle East to go on a mid-term voluntary exchange to Europe. This programme is organised by a few European SCI branches. Volunteers on this programme get the opportunity to participate in European workcamps, and join special trainings, together with volunteers from Asia and Latin America. For more information about this programme you can contact your local branch or partner organisation, or one of the regional working groups.

Asia International Working Group

This is the international working group that aims at promotion and facilitation of voluntary exchanges between Asia and the rest of the world, and to coordinate and strengthen communication and cooperation between Asian SCI branches and other branches in the SCI network. For more information about the Asia International Working Group please see the section Working Groups.