North Africa and Middle East

Participants of the Workcamp Coordinators' Training, Catalunya, Spain (2016) 

Coming to Europe

There is a special programme for volunteers from North Africa and the Middle East to go on a mid-term voluntary exchange to Europe. This programme is organised by a few European SCI branches. Volunteers on this programme get the opportunity to participate in European workcamps, and join special trainings, together with volunteers from Asia and Latin America. For more information about this programme you can contact your local branch or partner organisation, or one of the regional working groups.

Midi Working Group

International voluntary exchanges to and from North-Africa and the Middle-East are organised by SCI branches and partner organisations and are facilitated and supported by the working group for this region, called ´Midi`. The Midi working group consists of staff and volunteers from different branches and partner organisations, representing different countries. Apart from international voluntary projects and exchanges, the group is also active in international campaigns. You can read more about Midi in the section on Working Groups.