MIDI Workcamp Coordinators’ Training

Building from an intercultural point of view in the Mediterranean

Participants of the Workcamp Coordinators' Training, Catalunya, Spain (2016)

SCI Catalunya hosted this month the Workcamp Coordinators’ training “Building from an intercultural point of view”, a training for workcamp coordinators from the Mediterranean countries. From the 31st of May to the 6th of July, 25 participants from 14 countries shared knowledge; reflected together about their role as workcamp coordinators, created together an intercultural perspective and experienced interculturality in firsthand.

The training was hosted in Mas Franch, a community space in “La Garrotxa” that works for an ecological and social transformation. It aimed at giving participants the knowledge and tools needed to organized and coordinate a workcamp, create their own study part focused on peace building, and deal with conflict within a workcamp.

As an output, they worked together on a study part focused on peace building, a study part made by many hand from Jordan, Palestine, Kurdistan, Tunis, Morocco, Croatia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Italy, France, Greece and others.

It started with a mini workcamp, to get all partcipants into the workcamp mood. They cleaned the area and planted Bamboo trees beside the water stream and rosemary in the garden. Participants shared with the local community knowledge and thoughts about organic farming and an alternative way of living. All together, it made our team closer!

It followed with an interesting Human library we had in Olot. Participatns shared their stories and listened others’. They shared their cultures through debates and discussions, sharing traditional food and attitudes we have.

The training included also some sessions on Gender and Climate justice, organized and facilitated by the local working groups in SCI Catalunya.

 “It was a very enriching week and we used to opportunity to live together and learn from many different cultures, which is always an exciting challenge. Moreover we enjoyed our time together, lots of engineer, fun and laugh!” - summarize the participants.

Click here and see a selection of photos taken during the days there.