Long Term Exchange Group (LTEG)

LTEG promotes the aims of SCI through Long-Term Volunteer (LTV) Exchange. The  long-lasting commitment LTVs make to their projects enables sustained work for peace, both on a concrete level for the branches, partners and hosting projects and on a personal level for the volunteer and the members of the community. LTV exchange is, therefore, considered an essential activity of SCI that is complimentary to workcamps.

LTEG aims to strengthen and improve the LTV activities in SCI, involve more branches and partners in LTV exchange, and seek recognition for LTV exchange in SCI. The working group manages an online database of Long Term Volunteer-projects. LTEG organises various trainings in SCI, such as the Placement Officer Training.

If you are interested in LTEG and its activities, you can contact the members of the LTEG Steering Group by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..