Asia International Working Group

The Asia International Working Group (AIWG) was established in 2005 and is the SCI platform for activists and branches of Asia and the rest of the world.

Its aims are: to achieve more and better communication, cooperation and development of exchanges between Asia and the rest of the world through common exchange projects ; to reinforce the links between Asian branches , partners, groups, and contact, and branches from the rest of the world; Promote and improve Asian workcamps, LTV projects; Development of new potential SCI groups, contacts; Annual Asia Europe Exchange program and evaluation of Asian exchanges.

Since 2005, the AIWG established a steering group of different branch representatives to take the lead in coordination and decision making issues.  In order to facilitate communication, a mailing list all branches and activists involved can subscribe to was established.

Every year the Asia Working Group enables volunteers from Asia to participate in the Asia-Europe Exchange Programme. During two months they have the opportunity to live in Europe, meet other volunteers from all over the world, participate in workcamps organised by European SCI branches, join international meetings and take part in a training programme together with volunteers from Africa and Latin America.

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