Volunteers, Greece (2015)

Volunteers are the core of SCI. Activities are organised by volunteers, and for volunteers! Of course some tasks are carried out by paid staff as well. Most of the staff works in branch offices or at the International Secretariat. However, the main part of all the work, such as the organisation of trainings, seminars, meetings, short and long term projects, placement of volunteers in projects, policy-making on several topics, communication and pr, fundraising, and more….: it is all done by SCI volunteers!

To SCI volunteering is not only a method to achieve solidarity and promote a culture of peace, but it is a value in itself. Volunteering means to ‘act out of self-initiative for the benefit of society, without seeking material reward for your actions’. For SCI volunteering is a powerful tool for personal and social transformation: people gain self-confidence and skills, establish long lasting friendships and at the same time contribute to positive change in society.

SCI encourages and supports the involvement of interested volunteers and stimulates them to express and realise their own ideas. Therefore each volunteer is an essential building block of the organisation and of the wider peace movement as a whole. Every volunteer is a unique person and it is this diversity that makes SCI a very dynamic and creative organisation.