About PATH

The context of the project

Today one of the biggest challenges for Europe is the forced migration of people fleeing from conflict zones and looking for a safe and better life. The numbers are rapidly growing thus threatening the stability of local communities and economies. Societies are being polarized and the growth of right wing extremism is creating another threat for European democracies. With this project, SCI proposes a concept for defining and understanding current tendencies of forced migration using lessons from the past and thus remembrance as an inspiration for present and future peace activism.


PATH - Peace activism through lessons from history of forced migration” aims at:

  • remembrance of historical events such as the aftermath of WWI, Spanish Civil War and Yugoslav war;
  •  drawing parallels between past and current conflicts focusing on the reasons, specifics and consequences of forced migration;
  •  raising awareness within local communities on the topic;
  • providing space for networking for future development on actions for peace building and conflict and forced migration prevention;
  • promoting peace, anti-militarism and non-violence and encouraging active participation at European Level


SCI’s documentary PATH stories behind borders was created during the PATH project and premiered during the PATH Final Event in Bulgaria January 2018.

Additionally, the visitors could follow the steps of an art installation that traversed the parallel between the history of forced migration in various conflicts of our past and present.

You can also download the PATH Exhibition here.

PATH team

PATH team is responsible for implementation of the PATH project. The members of the team take care of organising key activities and ensuring the quality of projects outputs. The team also communicates the project to key stakeholders and makes effort to ensure its visibility and impact.

More information

Contact us if you are looking for more information about this project or you are interested in taking part in any activity: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.