MiniWorkcamp in Verdun


International Workcamp to promote peace. From 7th-12th November 2015 in Verdun (France) 

Description of the project:
Memory beyond Rhetoric is a SCI "remembrance project". A project focused on WWI and the growth of the pacifist movement in Europe since the world war began. With it, SCI aims to promote a mature idea of peace and non-violence. SCI's remembrance project critically
analyses the image of soldiers-heroes and wants to contribute to a real understanding of the history and diversity of the European Union, which was created as a peace guarantee.

Memory beyond Rhetoric includes the organization of seminars and activities in some of the most meaningful scenarios of the First World War, such as the international seminar in Verdun, France, where the "Battle of Verdun" was fought in 1916 and where Pierre Cérésole organized the first SCI workcamp in 1920. Since that first workcamp at Esnes-en-Argonne near Verdun, SCI is the
first volunteering organization which helps people and local communities by co-organizing projects with international volunteers taking part in it. These workcamps of volunteers all around the world help to develop the values of SCI: promote a culture of peace, enhance solidarity, enforce intercultural understanding, fight for social justice and contribute to a more sustainable development.

SCI France invites you to take part to a mini work camp in Verdun, at the World Centre for Peace, Freedoms and Human rights, which was built in the Episcopal Palace in the 18th century. It's a perfect place for reflections within the movement to promote peace and contribute to our No-More-War campaign.

Type of Work:
The volunteers will help the World Peace Centre for the development of gardens.
This includes: painting, planting plants, weeding, maintaining moats, landscaping...

Work, Study part on No-More-War, visit of Verdun.

Participants will share rooms near the World Peace Centre. So you need to bring your own sleeping bag, a sheet for the mattress and a pillow. If you are vegetarian or have any medical or health requirements, please inform us at @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Language: English

Requirements: Volunteers need to register on our Online Placement System: 

Location: Verdun is the peace capital in the Meuse county (in Lorraine region, northeastern France).

Additional information:

This workcamp is open for everyone, and you are also welcome to stay longer! We organize a seminar right after the last day of workcamp, from 12th till 15th November. So if you are interested in this part of the Memory beyond Rhetoric project and want to spread more of your knowledge about Peace, peace education, stand against discriminations... and spend some more good time in France with SCI, just tell us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! We look forward to seeing you soon.