Berlin Study Camp

The Memory beyond Rhetoric Study Camp in Berlin took place from the 17th to the 29th of July, hosted by SCI Germany. It started off in the 17th of July with a Memoric guided tour organised by SCI Berlin local group. The 29 participants (of which some joined the full study camp and others just the public events) came from Germany (17), Netherlands (1), Spain (2), Croatia (1), Poland (2), Czech Republic (1), Italy (1) and Finland (1), with 3 special guests from Ukraine (1) and Turkey (2). We visited many places which played important roles during the 1st World War and gained a new perspective on Berlin in that time. The tour ended with a Memoric quiz where we answered important questions about the War and discussed how much we actually know about it.

Since we were creating an interactive virtual museum in a video game Minecraft, the biggest part of our programme was consisted of museum visits and learning how to use both the knowledge we had and the newly gained knowledge to create something, which will not only exhibit the war but also make people think. We got valuable input from the guides in the German-Russian Museum Karlshorst, Museum of German History and the Anti-War Museum.

Click on the image to see the Virtual Museum video made by the Memoric Participants

After receiving training from Medienkompetenzzentrum Pankow on how to use professional cameras, interview equipment and Minecraft game as a tool, we split in two interest groups and worked separately on building the museum and creating and filming the content which would be exhibited. The interview-group went on the streets and made interviews with both passers by and guides in museums, asking them questions they prepared beforehand. The Minecraft-group worked hard on stacking blocks and getting the building of the museum ready for the exhibition. Sounds like fun? It was, but hard work, as well, we can assure you! Of course, we also had mutual sessions, as it was very important to plan the exhibition together and make sure we all shared the same image of both the museum and the message shown.

SCI history and the growth of pacifist movements was also an important part of our study camp. We organised an SCI-evening where our guest speaker Christoph Müller, who was and is an SCI activist for many years, held a session on SCI and its role in WW1. We started the session with the first workcamp in Verdun and ended in present time, 100 years after the war.

The video of our virtual exhibition was shown during the public event we organised in the Medien-kompetenzzentrum. With our guests we shared our experience and discussed the topic of the remembrance of WW1 worldwide.

Memoric Volunteer voice by Dimitry Kovalchuk:

"I was very surprised when I arrived at the camp and found out that I was the youngest one. But the 2 weeks thought me a lot, not only how to work with professional cameras and record interviews, I also met some very nice, impressive and inspirational people.
In this camp I learned also about my city Berlin, because it was a chance to look again at the small but important things this city has to offer, which you usually do not see. In this study camp we worked on a virtual museum for minecraft about WW1. In the end we produced a short film with our virtual museum and our recorded interviews.
For me it was a nice time. I am glad that I have worked and lived together with some very nice people. The only thing I did not like were the very long discussings in the beginning.
But I would recommend everyone to participate in such camp.
And to our campmembers I want to say "It was a pleasure to work with you!"