Paths of Peace Study Camp

“Memory beyond Rhetoric” includes three Study Camps at former sites of WW1 throughout Europe. During these activities participants from former enemy countries will come together in order to reflect on the horrors of war, critically analyse the myth of the soldier as a hero and look at connections with present day politics. 
The first Study Camp will take place in Kötschach-Mauthen in the very South of Austria, very close to the trenches where Austria-Hungarian troupes fought against Italians. It is a small town, famous for the impressive landscape around it and there is a museum on the time of the First World War, which will be involved in the activities and help with research. For these historical reasons the group will (mainly) consist of Austrian and Italian volunteers.
Dates: From 14th to 24th of July 2015. 
Type of Work: The volunteers will do research on the First World War and present their insights to locals in a public event at the end of the Study Camp. All the participants are expected to take part in discussions, the creation of study materials and to exchange ideas openly with each other. Some of the work will be done at the Museum 1915-18. 
Content: The specific topics are centred on the First World War.
They include but are not limited to: 
- Perceptions of the First World War in Austria and Italy
- What can we learn from the War?
- How can the First World War be presented and remembered today?
- WW1 and right-wing politics in Austria and Italy today
Accommodation: Participants will sleep in a simple accommodation in shared rooms with sleeping bags. They will be provided with groceries and will cook for themselves. The food will be vegetarian.
Language: English
Requirements: Volunteers need to submit a letter of motivation stating why they want to participate in the Study Camp, what their expectations are and what they think they can contribute to it. You should be willing to do work in groups as well as do your own research. 
Location: Kötschach-Mauthen is a village close to the border to Italy. It is situated in the Carnic Alps, where parts of the trenches form WW1 have been turned into an open-air museum. 
Additional Information: As this Study Camp is part of the Memory beyond Rhetoric Project funded by the European Commission through Europe for Citizens, 50% of your travel costs will be reimbursed if you travel to Kötschach-Mauthen by bus or train. 
(Travel by plane or car are not refunded, as only green methods of transportations are supported.)