"Memory beyod Rhetoric" implies the combination of practical and theoretical work. From 2014 to 2016 different activities will take place in a wide and open European environment, most of them in key places connected with WWI, such as the Kötschach-Mauthen Study Camp in Austria, very close to the trenches where Austria-Hungarian troupes fought against Italians; or the international seminar in Verdun, France, where the “Battle of Verdun” was fought in 1916 and where Pierre Cérésole organized the first SCI workcamp. With all these activities, SCI and the "Memory beyond Rhetoric" project aim to promote a mature idea of peace, anti-militarism and non-violence, and at the same time critically analyse the image of soldiers-heroes and motivate intercultural dialogue and mutual understandingcontribute to a real understanding' establishing a common ground for looking at the future of Europe and the European Union, which was created as a peace guarantee.