SCI On-site Research Visit

In this project six youth organisations, all working on peace education, are currently working together to research monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) and create guidelines for youth organisations to embed MEL within their structures and processes. The consultant organisations are the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) based in the Netherlands and five of members of the UNOY European network: EIF (Germany), CEIPES (Italy), PATRIR (Romania), SCI (Belgium) and FCV (Spain).
End of day 2 of the on-site research visit the International Secretariat of SCI, Antwerp (May 2015)
The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacities of youth organizations working on peace education in the areas of strategic development and organizational management in order to foster quality improvements in youth work in general, and youth peace education in particular and to promote young people's active citizenship at European level in accordance to the EU Youth Strategy 2010 – 2018.
Last week the research team came to visit the SCI International Secretariat to carry out their on-site research visit.
The team included:
Celine del Feline, Spain, from UNOY (External)
Imre Veeneman, Netherlands from UNOY (United Network of Young Peace Builders)
Andrei Trubceac, Romania, from PATRIR (Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania)
Fanni Feny?si, Hungary on behalf of SCI 
The team spent 2 days at the International Secretairat (IS) carrying out interviews and facilitating group discussion on SCI's capacities and skills as a movement, looking into it's policies, planning and decision-making processes, frequency and quality of monitoring, evaluation and learning, knowledge management system, human resource management, organizational structures and norms, resources and external relations. The staff and volunteers at the IS took part on day 1, while interviews were conducted on day 2 with some IEC members. 
We thank everyone for all their work and look forward to the coming months and the publication of the final research report. To stay updated on the project you can follow the UNOY facebook page as well as the hashtag #youthimpact4peace
The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices, Strategic consultantship, the Dutch National Agency of the Erasmus+ Youth, European Commission and by the Council of Europe- European Youth Foundation.