Raising Peace

The Raising Peace Campaign puts the focus on Human Rights and Peace in Europe and the whole world, and on the role that International Voluntary Service (IVS) plays in its promotion.It was launched by the CCIVS and aims at the participation of IVS networks, activists and HR organisations.

The campaign started in 2014, was implemented throughout 2015 and now continues into it's third year. 

Raising Peace 2016

Aims and Context of the Campaign

To strengthen and improve the visibility of the role of IVS organisations and young volunteers towards the construction of Peace and Human Rights in Europe (and the world), by empowering through training, influencing through advocacy and raising awareness through activism and communication.

The thematics: promoting Human Rights and Peace

Three main categories of topics have been selected for the present Campaign:

  •  The rights of migrant people, refugees and to citizenship of every person in the world: social rights that are above the delimitation of borders, learn more here.
  •  The rights regarding gender, sexuality and the own body : Which relate fundamental rights of any person regarding their individuality and dignity as a single person, learn more here.
  •  The rights to a healthy life, food and housing, fundamental rights to a good life and dignity, learn more here.
  • The building of peace through communication, networking and participation.

These are all fundamental rights in different status of guarantee (depending also on the region) and that, in the late years, with the social and financial crisis, and with the raise of far right in Europe, are being put into question in many European societies. Civil society organisations have the opportunity and the responsability to defend and promote them, and Raising Peace aims at empowering such action of defense and promotion of universal rights.