The Refugee Fund

Have you got an amazing action planned with and for refugees ?

Need a little financial support to make it happen? Then this is the fund for you!

To find out what has been done in the last years, check out the Report of the Refugee Fund 2016-2018 !

For many years SCI branches have been active worldwide on an increasing number of projects dedicated to work with refugees and forced migrants who were displaced within or outside their country, in particular in their new home places.

How was the fund created?

At SCI's International Committee Meeting 2015 branches proposed and approved an Urgent Resolution aimed at providing small and easily accessible funds to groups and branches planning projects and actions with and for refugees, lowering barriers to connect with locals and promoting mutual understanding. During the first round, all in all 13 projects from 10 different branches were enabled in 2016 by the Refugee Fund. In 2017 there where 7 approved applications. In 2018 the Team approved 4 projects.

The Refugee Fund was initially created using SCI own resources, and will be hopefully refilled thanks to the support of private donors and as a result of local/national and international fundraising activities carried on by branches and activist themselves. The Refugee Fund provides funding (up to 500€) to enable volunteers to carry out small initiatives at the local or national level that support work with refugees.

Applications will be assessed by the Selection Team of the Refugee Fund, which shall communicate their decision within 14 calendar days after the application has been sent. Applications will be accepted until funds are available. The initiatives funded must be completed within 3 months after their approval.
The full Rules and Procedures as well as the Application form can be found in our Members Area.

Have a look at the 2016/2017 overview of projects and activities to get inspired!

The Refugee Fund Team is looking for new members, if you you are interested in fundraising and want to support them in their work, send your motivation letter to the address below!

If you have any questions please contact the Refugee Fund Coordination Team:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.