Useful Materials for workcamp organizers


"Climate for Peace" Position Paper

Read the Climate for Peace Programme Position Paper to understand how SCI views the challenge of climate change and how the organization aims to repond through the "Climate for Peace" programme.
"Today climate change is for us what World War I was to Pierre Ceresole, the founder of SCI, in the early 20th century: it presents a growing threat to peace, nonviolence and human rights. All this means is that if we are serious about living the SCI mission and values in a meaningful way, we have to answer the call for climate justice!"


"Climate for Peace" Workcamp Guidelines

This is a collection of ideas and requirements for workcamp coordinators, who organize workcamps labeled as "Climate for Peace”, which means they are a practical example of solutions that contribute to climate justice and sustainable living (through study part, lifestyle and study part). You can browse for “Climate for Peace” workcamps in the online database at

“If we are serious about living the SCI mission and values in a meaningful way, we have to answer the call for climate justice and sustainability by running SCI workcamps - the activity that unites all SCI branches, groups and partners - according to common standards in relation to those topics. If you want to organize a “Climate for Peace” workcamp, you can either adjust already existing one or you can start a new project. The goal of “Climate for Peace” Programme is to have all SCI workcamps follow this common criteria, so that they can all contribute to building a culture of peace by addressing climate justice and sustainable living”.


"Climate for Peace Toolkit.

How to organize sustainable workcamps"

The Toolkit contains basic knowledge about climate change and sustainable lifestyle, interactive exercises to use during a workcamp, as well as recommendations for movies and other useful materials.


“Climate for Peace: Inspirations.

How to organize activities for climate justice and sustainable living”

This booklet provides lots of examples of grassroots projects implemented by SCI activists around the world. Check it out find inspiration and practical tips on how to organize activities for climate justice in your community.
“Activists of branches and partners of SCI respond to the global call for action in many creative and exciting ways. No matter if it is a massive long-term international project or a film screening for the members of local community, with every step that we take, we are getting closer to solving the climate crisis and creating a culture of peace. This publication was developed to acknowledge the amazing work that SCI members are tirelessly undertaking in their communities, as well as to provide inspiration to those, who are still searching for their way to join in the global climate movement”.


"Climate for Peace" logo (and how to use it) and visibility guidelines 

Here you can find the official logo of the campaign as well as the Create a Climate for Peace Logo Identity Manual explaining how to use it correctly!

This document provides information about how photo/video materials and stories from “Climate for Peace” camps are collected.

Other SCI materials regarding sustainable living 

Ecoguides created by KVT Finland

Useful documents created by GAIA MicroGrants team:

  • How can we support local communities to adapt to climate change impacts?
  • What does it mean that a food system is sustainable?
  • How to lower the environmental impact of your GAIA MicroGrants project?