Climate for Peace: Inspirations




SCI was created to respond to challenges of contemporary times and with time these challenges have evolved. Today climate change impacts are one of the main threats to human rights and at the same time they provide an amazing opportunity. As it becomes more and more obvious that people need to take action in order to prevent catastrophic climate change, as well as unite to face it’s inevitable impacts, an environmental movement is rising all over the world.


Activists of branches and partners of SCI respond to this global call for action in many creative and exciting ways. No matter if it is a massive long-term international project or a film screening for the members of local community, with every step that we take, we are getting closer to solving the climate crisis and creating a culture of peace.


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This publication was developed to acknowledge the amazing work that SCI members are tirelessly undertaking in their communities, as well as to provide inspiration to those, who are still searching for their way to join in the global climate movement.

Read the whole publication online HERE or order a printed copy at the International Secretariat of SCI.