Application and Evaluation Forms

The 2019 call for applications for the GAIA MicroGrants is now closed.

GAIA MicroGrants provide funding of up to 500€. At least 75% of the total funding is reserved for applicants from the Global South.

We welcome project proposals that:

  • Contain a completed application form and fit one of the funding areas.
  • Combine action and education on sustainable living and/or climate justice.
  • Provide practical benefits to the local community.
  • Have a plan for follow up activities.

Useful documents:

Additional conditions:

  • Please note that only complete applications will be taken into consideration. You might be asked to provide additional details regarding your application and it will not be reviewed until you submit necessary information.
  • You need to submit your application at least 10 days before the start of your activity (including recruitment phase if applicable, except for workcamps), but optimally allow up to 20 days for full assessment.
  • We have a limited budget for GAIA MicroGrants - grants will be distributed for as long as funds are available.
  • Activists from all SCI branches and partners are eligible to receive GAIA MicroGrants. Note that your local SCI branch or partner office must be aware of your initiative (they need to sign and stamp the application form and reimbursement will be made to their account).
  • Your application must be sent in by 31st October 2019 at latest and your initiative must be completed not more than 3 months after it is approved but not later than 15th December 2019.
  • You will be asked to submit an evaluation form and a simple financial report at the end of your project. All reporting needs to be submitted within 30 days after the project is finished, but no later than 31st December 2019. Please note that if you don’t submit the documents within indicated period, you will not be eligible for reimbursement!
  • Each branch or partner can submit maximum of 2 projects (preferably in different funding areas). More projects can be submitted by the branch or partner if after 15th October 2019 there are still funds available.
  • In order to promote the development of the projects over the years, if you apply again with the same project as you did in the past, it will receive 80% of total funding requested (no more than 280€, or 400€, if justified by project) on the 2nd time, 60% on the 3rd time etc.