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Worldwide, 7th-13th April 2014

The Campaign was launched officially by the Week of Action. Many countries responded to the global call, invited their volunteers to raise awareness and act on a local level. Just as you can see below while browsing through the images, you might get inspiration to carry on the flame that the sparks have already initiated.

Join the Campaign! Let the world know you’re part of it! Leave your handprint!

As SCI we can act not only to minimize our negative environmental impact (commonly referred to as footprint), but most importantly we can make a positive handprint (bringing necessary social change by volunteering)! If you are already asking yourself 'But how do I do it?', bad news is: there is no one answer. But there is also the good news: there are thousands of ways it can be done. Most important is: start doing them!

How SCI branches took part during the Week of Action?

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Go further on...

The Campaign is not about one week, but this whole year and further on... SCI will promote sustainability and climate justice in all means possible.

In the call for action we were suggesting both simple and more challenging things that can be done, now that this week is over, you still can continue... feel free to unleash your imagination and make it matter to you!

Suggestions for activities you can take!

Be the movement

Take a photo with Create a Climate for Peace logo and send it to us

Educate yourself and others

Organize a movie screening / Invite people to a workshop

Mobilise your community

Organize a sustainable urban game / Plant a tree, or a garden

Think about the workcamps: Promote the Create a Climate for Peace workcamps / Organize your branch meeting around the sustainability of your workcamps

Be online

Change the profile picture / Change status update / Tweet the campaign message with the #climate4peace hashtag / watch - share - join our Talkshows / ...

Many more details and suggestions are available in the Call Paper. Sounds hard and you have many 'but's in your head? Well, we all do and this is why it’s so important to try!

Want to know more about the Campaign?

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