EYF Workplan 2015: Youth empowerment for a sustainable Europe

Aim of the Work Plan:

to further spread and implement a concept and a practice of sustainability which is open, inclusive, fair and respectful of diversity (human and natural), while increasing participation and social cohesion.

Objectives of the workplan:

  • to build on the capacities developed in 2014 as to further spread and strengthen the results obtained with the previous Work Plan (increased knowledge on the topics, informative material and outputs, a pool of motivated youngsters willing to commit further and share positive stories, with amplified belief that a change is needed now and this can be implemented by youth;
  • targeting the topics of environmental sustainability, peace and social justice from different perspectives and to various audiences, highlighting existing positive experiences and practices;
  • empower European youth to actively take part in the strive for peace and climate justice, and so to increase participation, capacity of dialogue and solidarity, as well as its advocacy capacities.


  • EYF Preparatory and inspirational meeting, 11-16/02/2015, Tulln an der Donau, Austria

The 9 main partners met to better detail the Plan of the overall project. They started from the results and evaluation of the previous year of the campaign, getting inspired from each other's experience and building the base for the following phases.

  • Regional Reactions:

3 meetings took place during which challenges and alternatives were discussed and practiced from regional perspectives, these being Eastern, Central and Southern Europe. Locations were chosen as to be relevant for the topics tackled under the overall campaign which were:

1. EYF Re-Action Kosovo - 3/9/2015 - 6/9/2015 Prishtine, Kosovo 

2. EYF Re-Action Poland - 2/8/2015 - 8/8/2015, Warsaw, Poland - Click the link to Watch the video and also the Uncut webinar in Warsaw Poland

3. EYF Re-Action Germany - 24/8/2015 - 2/9/2015, Berlin, Germany - Click the link to Watch the video (Weddingwandler) and (Prinzessinnengarten) and De-growth in Berlin

  • EYF Follow Up Action  - A list of projects which were organized by the participants of three Re:Actions, regional workshops in Kosovo, Poland and Germany on the topic of environmental injustice, community resilience and solutions to climate crisis. Every participant of the event had the opportunity to implement their own project related to climate justice and sustainable living in their communities.
    In the end 16 projects were implemented in 11 European countries, all facilitated by grassroots activists.
  • Final seminar COP21 Paris - 5-12/12/2015

A final visibility event which portrayed the outputs of 2 years of campaign activities were held, SCI organized a side event at COP21 in Paris.

Project Outputs:

This booklet provides lots of examples of grassroots projects implemented by SCI activists around the world. Check it out to find inspiration and practical tips on how to organize activities for climate justice in your community.

This publication was developed to acknowledge the amazing work that SCI members are tirelessly undertaking in their communities, as well as to provide inspiration to those, who are still searching for their way to join in the global climate movement”.

  • Final report video describing the project   

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With the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.