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Take part in our research on Gendered Realities in SCI activities

Help us find out how safe and inclusive SCI activities are when it comes to gender and sexuality.

  • Does gender or sexuality affect people’s experiences at SCI activities?
  • Are there situations or procedures that make people feel discriminated based on their gender?
  • Do people feel confident in recognising and addressing gender-based discrimination during SCI activities?

Give 15 minutes of your time to share your SCI experience in our assessment tool.

Your contribution will help us gather data and testimonies about the experiences of individuals participating in SCI activities. We will use the outcomes of this research to identify areas for future attention and to take practical measures to keep improving the quality of SCI activities.

Who can take part? Volunteers (participants or coordinators) to SCI workcamps or international trainings/seminars from the past five years.

When? From June to September 2019 




Gendered Realities' International Campaigning Training 

Between 19th and 24th November 2019, 23 SCI volunteers and activists met in Rome for a training course on campaigning. The training was given by Valerie Weidinger and Thomas Schallhart and allowed participants to acquire skills and knowledge on how to design and develop a successful campaign. 

During the course, the group discussed the results of the Assessment Tool and developed ideas on an SCI campaign on the topic of gender. As part of this, the booklet "Time to Face Gendered Realities" has already been produced and made available to the whole SCI movement, while gender-sensitive name badges will be soon produced and distributed among SCI activists and volunteers.  

Overall, the course was a success: the participants left the Eternal City with concrete action plans in their pockets on campaigns they would like to run in the future, each of them including a gender perspective.

In order to find out more on the content and outputs of the training course, read the full activity report here!




Storytelling Workshop with Gender Perspective

30 SCI volunteers met in Mataró (Catalonia, Spain) on the 5th October for a workshop about storytelling.

During the workshop, the young participants reflected upon and discussed their personal experiences as SCI volunteers by using the non-formal education method of storytelling. A special emphasis was put on gender-based micro-discriminations experienced by the participants during their workcamps.  

Thanks to the creation of a safe space prior to the beginning of the core activity, the participants felt free to express themselves, build their personal stories and share them with the group.

Check the Facebook post of the event here!  




Social Evening: "What is Gender?"

 On the 26 September, SCI Italy run a Social Evening in Rome focused on gender and intersectionality.  The evening started with a screening of videos related to the topic, followed by an ice-breaking activity and finally a session dedicated to the “flower power” from the gender toolkit. After each part, a 15-minute discussion was opened in order to encourage debate and share reflections among the participants.

The general purpose of the event was to introduce the gender toolkit to the participants and create a group of discussion on gender that would repeat similar initiatives in the future.




Gender Equality through Art 

This local action took place on 17.08-31.08 in Berlin, Germany. It aimed at raising awareness on gender inequality through arts and involved 15 young people from different European countries.

During the first week, the participants attended a workshop on gender equality run by Micayla Smith and visited the Schwules and Charlotte von Mahlsdorf museums. They practiced living in a hierarchy-free and independent community through a Leadership Free method (LSF) seminar and learned how to design their own social projects through a Do It Yourself – Peace Activism seminar.

The second week was devoted to the creation of an art exhibition on gender. The participants designed and created artworks (video and audio projects, stencil and mural art pieces) that were then displayed at the G-Polar exhibition, opened to the public on 29th August and staged at the Anna Landsberger International Youth Center.

Check out the G-Polar exhibition Facebook page here!




Workcamp on Gender Equality

This one-week workcamp took place in August in the city of Vlahi, Bulgaria. It involved 10 girls from different social and cultural backgrounds and focused on gender equality and women empowerment.

During the workcamp, participants shared their personal experiences of gender (in)equalities and challenged traditional gender roles through activities designed to build self-confidence and deconstruct gender stereotypes. Activities included building a camp-table with materials found at the campsite, playing a game inspired by the “Run Like a Girl” commercial, and workshops on body image, beauty standards and gender representation.

Feedbacks from the participants provide evidence for the success of the workcamp. Girls had the chance to develop a higher sense of self-respect, learn about different realities and points of view, and develop new skills by challenging their own abilities.

If you would like to read more about the camp, check out this volunteer's story and the Facebook posts here and here!




Gender Action at Sziget Festival Civil Island 

Every year in Budapest, tens of NGOs take part in the Sziget Festival, a music festival where NGOs can showcase their work to hundreds of visitors and raise awareness on the issues which are most dear to them.

This August, SCI Hungary was one of the 45 NGOs setting up a tent and involving curious visitors in funny and educational activities, in collaboration with a group of SCI volunteers.

Through the gender quiz “Love Silhouette” and a workshop on gender, they opened discussions on issues such as body consciousness through mediation, the environmental impact of women’s toiletries and hygienic, the gender pay gap and the terminology of gender.

Find here a Facebook post with a quote from Dorina!



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Gender-camp at Kreafithaus (Berlin)

Between 22.07 and 03.08, SCI-Germany ran a workcamp involving twelve volunteers from multiple CoE countries and members of the local community.

Volunteers learnt about the Girls Sport Centre Kreafithaus, a centre which gathers girls and young women from difficult life situations and supports them in their personal development through sports and socio-educational support. Together with a group of local girls and young women, the volunteers carried out physical work entailing constructing a compost, building an insect hotel and crafting garden furniture from euro pallets. They also visited an all-women carpentry workshop and joinery which trains young women to become professional carpenters. There, they were encouraged to try out different tools and engage in physical and technical labour irrespective of gender.

The “Free to be You and Me” Toolkit provided inspiration for a fruitful discussion on how to create safe spaces. Participants shared their views on women’s rights in their respective countries and deliberated for hours on the impact of gender norms on women’s lives. Discussions resulted in the drafting of a short “constitution” which guided the group dynamic and work atmosphere during the workcamp.

In addition, the volunteers marched in the Berlin Pride Parade and visited the Champions Without Borders project, which organizes sports and tournament opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers and connects them with host communities. As a team, they participated in a training session and engaged in a friendly football match against the Champions Without Borders’ Ladies’ team.

One participant says: “I feel like the workcamp has changed me in different ways. I´ve gained confidence about physical work. I´ve realized that the only thing that matters is the amount of practice, not the gender.”

See a Facebook post on the Gender-camp here.



Kevin placard

Living Library Geneva: “Chapters of self-acceptance”

On 05.07, on the occasion of the Geneva Pride Week, a group of SCI volunteers organized a Living Library: a library where books are people! During the event, five “living books” shared their stories of self-acceptance and coming out with other people.

More than thirty participants interacted with the “living books,” listening to their stories, asking questions, and expressing their own feelings and ideas. The aim of the event was to allow people, especially the youth, to open up about what they feel and who they are, to reflect on their identities through live exchanges with real humans, instead of finding answers in books or on the Internet, as it most usually happens.

The event was a success, as this testimony from Tanya, 26 year old, shows:

For me, the Living Library was a first-time experience. Most of my queer friends in Geneva had recounted their experiences in casual conversations over drinks and dinners, but this was the first time I actually got to listen to both people I know and didn’t know and their stories. Just being a part of this open and accepting atmosphere made me realize that whether you choose to put a label for yourself or not, there will always be people who will understand and support you and that’s why I love this community.”

Find here a video on the event!



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29.06- a group of participants took to the streets of Brussels, inviting passers-by to join the conversation on gender-based violence. The street action shared facts and statistics, the hashtag #FreetheGender, as well as articles and blank pieces of paper with discussion points, meant to engage the public in discussion.

See the event on Facebook.



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Ligura Pride goes (Service Civil) international!

This June, a group of 9 international volunteers traveled to Genova, Italy, to work with the coordinating committee of Liguria Pride 2019 (the annual Pride event of the region). The volunteers were involved in the running and organisation of 67 activities over the 8 days of the Pride Village, which focused on gender and LGBTQIA+ education and community engagement.

The events included debates, workshops, activities with children, presentations, a tour of LGBTQIA+ arts in Liguria and, of course, the Pride parade! The volunteers met and exchanged with many local groups, such as the Pangender Association, Liguria Rainbow and Non Una di Meno, with whom they could share and exchange approaches and experiences.

Read more about it here, or hear from the volunteers and coordinators in this video!

“I feel more powerful and courageous to fight in a world that’s still very far from accepting and opening. Thank you for all the things you taught me, you said to me, thank you for making me stronger and more proud.” Gio, 17, workshop participant.


Gendered Realities Workshop

In the same month, SCI Italy ran a workshop in Berzano di Tortona, attended by thirteen participants. The workshop was an opportunity to learn and share views on topics related to gender, social inclusion and non-violence.



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Gender Realities & Inclusion Workcamp in Tirana

PVN Albania organised a workcamp to raise awareness of gendered realities and practices in Albania, especially among marginalised groups in rural areas. Volunteers organised activities focused on the topic of gender, gender discrimination and violence, personal perspectives and stories, with:

*Roma youth
*Mothers from the Roma community
*Young people in Vaqarri rural school
*Young people in Lalm rural schools

Hear about the impact of the project from a young participant- 

“I am from a village not far from the city, however I feel it is too far because there are not so many free time opportunities for my friends and I. This camp made me feel important; made me happy. I learned so many things about domestic violence and gender roles we do have in our families. I have realised that many times I have been object of violence somehow, my mother as well. Now I think everyday, what and how I should do. PVN is my referring point to be consulted and ask for advice. It Looks such strange that from a camp you came to have fun with some volunteers from other countries, and it ended up that understanding my situation in my family and my society.” S.G, pupil in Ndroq area.



Love is love, street action in Vienna

What would you do, if you wanted to challenge the concept of heteronormativity in a creative matter? With this street action in Vienna, SCI activists stimulated people passing by to question their usual thinking structures on gender & love.




Workshops in Zagreb & Budapest

25.05- two groups met in Zagreb & Budapest to break down gender norms, hear diverse voices and have important discussions around topics such as:

*(Deconstruction of) gender roles
*Social vs. labour market roles of women
*Current political trends
*Gender-based violence

 Read more about the events in Zagreb & Budapest.


9Photo by: Violeta Apostolova/ Leti phоtography

Gendered Realites' first local action takes place in Bulgaria

On 20.04, CVS Bulgaria held a day activity which brought together women from two cities- Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo. The training informed the participants on how to organise local events in the format of 'SHE in..'- a successful social action strategy using multipliers for female empowerment.

SHE in Veliko Tarnovo is already in the planning stage, with a venue chosen.

SHE in Gabrovo has its date set for 3rd of July and has the support of an award-winning photographer!

See their updates on Facebook, Facebook and Instagram.



Calling all Local Actions!

We are now OPEN to receiving applications for local actions on the topic of gender, in eligible Council of Europe countries and Kosovo.

With your Local Action you should work on:

- reaching out to (young) people and raising awareness of gender-related issues;
- and/ or supporting the assessment of gendered realities in volunteering activities.

The format is flexible, and should be adapted to local needs and capacities. All types of activity are valuable!

We have the possibility to offer funding for local actions of 1 day (or less), OR 5-10 days.

Find the application form here and the full details of the call here.



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Gendered Realities kicks off!

The first activity of Gendered Realities has now concluded in Tirana, Albania. A group of 25 participants came together from across Europe to discuss the topic of gender within SCI and beyond, pool knowledge and resources, and contribute to the development of new tools for more inclusive future activities!

Read the full activity report here, and find out more about the session's content and outputs.



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