Raising awareness by taking action

No Hate Speech Taining in Sri Lanka took place at Blue Rose Training Center in Kandy. It lasted from 2nd – 6th December and it was hosted by SCI Sri Lanka. Participants were mostly from different regions in Sri Lanka but we also had participants from Sweden and Nepal. Coordinated by trainers Ivana from Serbia and Hussein from Sri Lanka also gave an international input.

The aim of this training was to bring together a group of 30 active volunteers in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the main topic as well as to further educate, train and empower them with methods how to counteract such tendencies in everyday life. Goal was to educate and spread information, expose hate speech, support victims, communicate, encourage and inspire people to take action as well as to support positive messaging.
During the training, participants had an extensive study part in order to get informed how they can react to hate speech and how they can make a change. Focus was on exchanging different stories from participants in order to become more aware that hate speech exists everywhere but it can be in different forms. During the five days training, participants talked about creative ways to spread their positive message. In addition, one part of the training was dedicated to media and the influence that mass media and social media have today to all of us.

Participants were highly motivated and it was something new for them, so they tried to focus on how they can implement this new knowledge in their regions. Some of the ideas that were developed at the end were that there should be working groups especially in Sri Lanka, since most of participants are already active in SCI. Some of them will try to have workshops in different universities, high schools and elementary schools in order to inform student how they can be more aware of this raising problem and also to prevent cyber bullying. Since we had some participants who are highly skilled in making videos and promotions, as well as some journalists, they agreed to work in developing some creative way how they can inform people in their countries about Hate Speech.

The training saw a lot of enthusiasm from participants and it was first time that SCI had training on No Hate Speech in Asia. New ideas are developed there will be more workshops and projects on this topic and in the future because it is one of the topics that we have to face. You will all be informed as soon as we get some news about the activities that took place after our activity!