No Hate Speech Seminar in Berlin

The SCI No Hate Speech Seminar took place in Berlin, 20th-29th October 2015, organized by SCI Germany in cooperation with the SAVA Working group and Media Centre Pankow. The project was made with an idea to gather groups of volunteers from Balkan countries and Germany in order to make online platform "No More Hate Speech" for reporting hate speech on the internet.

Hate Speech is a problem we are all exposed to in our everyday life in the social media and online newspapers where negative comments with all kinds of discrimination are present. During the seminar participants discussed hate speech online in their countries and the group defined the main aims for this platform and their struggle against hate speech online as the following: educate and spread information, raise awareness, expose hate speech, communicate, support victims, identify and answer underlying problems, encourage and inspire people to take actions as well as support positive messaging.

The main idea is to expand it among other people that are willing to make change. It is not just one more platform on the internet – it's a strong instrument and method that we could use and make it useful in order to multiply the topic and to collect information in one place.

This seminar was prepared as a part of the NMW (No More War) campaign to support the NHSM (No Hate Speech Movement) from the Council of Europe. Now the platform and other follow-ups are being run by the participants.

How to use the platform?

Using the platform is easy, you only have to go to the report button on the platform and there you will get explanation. You will notice also that we have instructions about how to report hate speech in some countries, this is because we had participants from there and they did research on this.
Everyone can join the platform and also to update the website with information's for specific country.

This initiative is an open process and everyone could continue it with different workshops, events and study sessions.

React to hate, be part of the initiative!

Use the online platform

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