Support Volunteers on the Frontline

A group of volunteers are currently on the frontline working together with other international and local teams giving support to refugees. Most of the volunteers, including all independent and SCI volunteers cover their travel costs and costs of stay in the place where they help. Volunteers are traumatized, getting sick and exhausted, but still they are the main source of solidarity in such a difficult and for most of us unimaginable conditions.

Volunteers on the frontline

We invite you to show your support to these volunteers not only by donating money but also sending your messages of solidarity (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and raising awareness in your own communities.

Here are some ideas for organising your own fundraising events with your branch, family or friends:

  • Organise a benefit concert with local bands or musicians
  • Prepare a Syrian, Afghan or Iraqi meal & discussion
  • Ask someone to run a handicraft workshop and offer products as donations
  • Print out T-shirts, bags, or anything else with a slogan and offer them as a donation
  • Donate part of your honorarium as a trainer or facilitator on SCI events
  • Donate small amount each month from your salary to the cause.

Your donations will go to the account of SAVA Working Group (SCI's regional working group for the Balkans).

SCI volunteers in the field will use it for emergency situations such as:

  • Travel costs and insurance to so called hot-sports and costs of accommodation (i.e. renting the house)
  • Communication tools and costs (mobile phones, numbers, credit and even laptops, since personal once are already destroyed by humidity)
  • In case of burnout or trauma, they will use for travel costs to a ‘’safe house’’ (volunteers’ house from GAIA Kosovo for instance)

In case of emergency, other independent volunteers from solidarity groups we know will be able to use the fund, especially if SCI volunteers cannot react on time, and that will be approved by the SCI volunteers in the field.
Watch the video to know more about the Volunteers on the Frontline funds.



Donations can be made to:

The Association of Service Civil International IVZW

Please indicate 'FOR SAVA WG - DONATION FOR THE VOLUNTEERS ON THE FRONTLINE' in your bank transfer.

Address: Triodos Bank, Hoogstraat 139/3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
IBAN: BE37 5230 8019 4928