Support Gaia MicroGrants Programme

After successfully running for five consecutive years and supporting over 80 projects aimed at networking and capacity building within SCI, the GAIA MicroGrants Programme focuses entirely on the practical support that SCI branches provide to local communities, mainly through workcamps. We want to challenge branches to show us how they can make a positive impact and if it can be sustained after or between workcamps (e.g. by involving and training local people through SCI activities). We want to bring the SCI motto "Deeds not words" to climate change and sustainability!

Gaia MicroGrants Programme

Gaia MicroGrants Programme is a source of funding for SCI branches and local groups for activities focusing on sustainable living and climate justice.

Providing support to local communities dealing with climate change is particularly urgent in the Global South. That is why a big part of the funding is available only for this region.

Currently the fund is available thanks to the generous contribution of the Terra 21 Foundation. We hope that the fund can reach further and enable more projects to support fronline communities in preparing for climate change and making our food systems more sustainable.

You can learn more about the programme, the application and reporting process and well as examples of funded projects on the GAIA MicroGrants Programme section.

Donations can be made to: 

The Association of Service Civil International IVZW

Please indicate 'GAIA MicroGrants Programme' in your bank transfer.

Address: Triodos Bank, Hoogstraat 139/3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
IBAN: BE37 5230 8019 4928


You can also donate in order to compensate your carbon emissions, while being conscious of the ecological impact of your travels.

We want to THANK YOU in advance, no matter which manner you choose.