Disaster Relief Fund

A funding stream for natural disaster relief work foreseen for SCI branches, group members and working groups organizing and supporting immediate actions by local and international volunteers, mid-term clean-up and reconstruction workcamps.

Support SCI's Disaster Relief Fund

The Fund receives two types of donations:

a.    General donations to the Natural Disaster Fund

These donations will be treated as donations to the DRF in general and we will have an exclusive right to use this donation for any particular approved project submitted by eligible applicants, regardless of the cause (i.e. floods, earthquake, landslide, avalanche etc. in whichever country). Such donations play an important role and a big contribution to our efforts in natural disaster relief work, as they are allocated to successful project applications that aren’t able to receive direct fundraising, thus ensuring the continuity and expediency of the NDF.

The donation has to be accompanied by a message or reference to the Natural Disaster Fund. All donations without a reference to a particular natural disaster will be treated as general donations. Donations without any message or reference at all will be treated as general donations to Service Civil International.

b.    Donations to a specific cause

Donations made to specific cause (i.e. earthquake in Nepal, wildfires in Australia, floods in Serbia etc.) must be accompanied with such a reference when they are made (see below for donation services). We will in this case apply the fair fundraising criteria[1] and increase support to a particular cause by being able to fund successful project applications with a higher grant from the NDF.

In the case that funds remain after all projects and funding requests for a specific cause have been approved, we will have the exclusive right to redirect the donation to the NDF and use it as a general donation.

If no remark or reference to a specific cause is made, the donation will be treated as a general donation to the NDF. Donations without any message or reference at all will be treated as general donations to Service Civil International.

[1] The fair fundraising criterion applies to particular natural disasters that occurred in a certain part of the world for which SCI International has received an extraordinary and outstanding amount of donation. In cases where more than €600 was fundraised, activities will be funded with 90% of the total donation. If less was fundraised, the original criterion will apply-– up to €500 of financial support.

How Can I Donate?

a. The donor can make a donation through international bank transfer. Donations can be sent to:

Account Holder: The Association of Service Civil International IVZW
Address: Triodos Bank, Hoogstraat 139/3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
IBAN: BE37 5230 8019 4928

Please indicate 'NDF' or the name of the specific cause in your bank transfer.

For payments made from Europe which meet the SEPA-criteria (check details with your bank) we will have no bank costs. For other received transfers to our account, our bank will charge us €5-€15.

b.    Through one of our national SCI branches/group members
A donation can be made to one of our national branches or group members. The donation will be transferred to the NDF without any costs occurring. Please verify the donation terms and conditions and opportunities with the SCI branch or group member you want to make the donation to.