Solidarity with refugees, Study camp and raising awareness event, 12 - 26 August 2017, Friedland, Germany

The camp was a study camp with a focus on 2/3 of creative and research work, and 1/3 of practical work. The practical work was conducted in the intercultural community garden FriedlandGarten for refugees, locals and volunteers in the outskirts of Friedland. The goal was to develop the concept of the FriedlandGarten as a space of encounter and safe haven for refugees during their first weeks in Germany. In future, The FriedlandGarten shall become a part of the Internationale Gärten e.V. that follow a concept of integration and creation of communities for different migrant groups through gardening work.

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The Museum Friedland researches and presents the history of the Friedland refugee camp and supplied our group with valuable background information on the project place during a guided tour through the camp and museum as well as in individual visits of participants. The materials from the museum also helped creating the German contribution to the final PATH exhibition.

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The theatre Boat people project from Göttingen conducted an intercultural theatre workshop around the theme of “borders” with our group in the 2nd week. On three hours from Monday through Thursday, the volunteer group and 7-10 refugees from the camp practiced different creative methods to discover and express their personal borders in relation to others, and prepared a final presentation to be held on a summer celebration on the last day of the studycamp in the FriedlandGarten, organized together with Caritas.

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Please find here a link to Flickr album from the camps of the different activities.


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