No Border Fest, Study camp and raising awareness event, 12-21 June 2017, Rome, Italy

No Border Fest is a frame for meeting and debating on the subject of contemporary migrations through workshops, exhibitions, debates, music and theater.

SCI Italy in partnership with Radio Ghetto Voci Libere and Laboratorio 53 among the others, organized a PATH study camp together with No border Fest in Rome, Italy between 12th and 21st June. This study camp was aiming at stimulating debate on forced migration and labor exploitation.

International volunteers from France, Hungary, Italy, UK and Senegal were teamed up with local volunteers (approx. 30) to support the organization of the festival. During these 2-day long festival (16-17 June) different issues were discussed such as social inclusion, freedom of movement and self-determination.

On 17th of June, the festival addressed some issues like self-determination, social inclusion and freedom of movement via workshops and audio/visual exhibitions. For examples, ‘Yeppo!’ – a workshop of Ludopedagogy by Liscia and Laboratorio 53; International Cuisine workshops by La Citta dell’Útopia, etc.

This festival has gathered more than 400 people together to create a society regardless of colors, nationalities, cultures, etc. From this study camp and event, there is No Borders in our hearts because we are all the same.


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