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Grapheazy was created by Mauro Carta on behalf of Service Civil International with the support of the "Pool of Trainers and Facilitators of SCI". As of November 2015, the tool was used on three occasions in different intercultural settings (Europe and Asia). The tool is a visual facilitations tool, a way to encourage people to actively take part in a group discussion, a creative method to establish links between topics and to get an overview, an instrument for generating and identifying new ideas and a technique to stimulate debate on sensitive issues. The toolkit was publicly launched at the Final Seminar of the international project "Global Volunteer Action" in June 2016.

Memoric Booklet

Memoric Booklet, published as the final output of SCI's international project 'Memory Beyond Rhetoric, WW1 and the growth of the pacifist movement in Europe: Looking back 100 years to understand the presence we face and build the future we yearn'. This project was co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

'Climate for Peace: Inspirations. How to organize activities for climate justice and sustainable living'. This booklet provides lots of examples of grassroots projects implemented by SCI activists around the world. This publication was developed to acknowledge the amazing work that SCI members are tirelessly undertaking in their communities, as well as to provide inspiration to those, who are still searching for their way to join in the global climate movement. The booklet was part of the project outputs of the EYF Work Plan 2015: 'Youth Empowerment for a Sustainable Europe', and was produced with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. 

The 'Climate for Peace Toolkit' - A useful guide to organising sustainable Workcamps.

Building Bridges Toolkit

The Building Bridges Toolkit is an on-going web platform, designed to share the know-how on voluntary projects involving asylum  seekers and refugees as well as raising awareness on forced migration in general. The creation of this online toolkit has been driven by the ever bigger need of the international SCI network to exchange best practices on projects with refugees and asylum seekers. The project is coordinated by SCI Switzerland with the support of Utilapu Hungary. Its existence wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Mercator Foundation Switzerland and the active contribution of Building Bridges working group and a number of SCI branches.


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