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During the previous weeks CVS-Bulgaria has been very busy with some exciting donations distributions! Thanks to the generosity of the children’s families of Exploratorium, a unique children’s educational centre where discovery and creativity meet, they were able to collect a huge amount donations for asylum seekers and refugees’ families! On 11th October, a group of volunteers and interns from CVS-Bulgaria led a big distribution campaign in Ovcha Kupel reception centre in Sofia.

Sofia, Bulgaria, 01/11/2017, Donation action, credits CRWB


The day was hectic but very successful! After having brought an incredible amount of things in the camp such as clothes, shoes, blankets, jackets, toys, games and everything you can think of, we were ready to start our busy day!

While parents were choosing what they needed with the help of some of our volunteers, children were enjoying some fun activities and games in the backyard together with the rest of us, taking the most of a nice sunny autumn day! A large group of people were able to come and pick and choose what they liked the most for them and their families, getting ready to face a freezing Bulgarian winter. The activity was a success and it’s been really appreciated by the residents of the centre who were very thankful for this opportunity and kindness!

Just some weeks later, on 1st November, CVS-Bulgaria volunteers have been involved in another donation campaign organised by the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria.

The Council of Refugee Women (CRW) is a non-profit organization with a mission to assist newly recognized refugees in the process of their initial adaptation and integration in Bulgaria ( The CRW together with a German citizen organisation called “Schuhe fur Bulgarien” organised a large donor campaign asking local NGOs for help. Indeed, we couldn’t miss it!

An enormous truck packed with clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils and appliances, baby goods, school backpacks and bed linen arrived early in the morning. Thanks to the help of almost 30 volunteers from different organisations and some asylum seekers from the centres in Sofia, the 12 tonne truck was unloaded, everything was arranged and carefully labelled in less than 3 hours! An incredible, amazing job! That was definitely an example that with a joint effort everything is possible!

Article contributed by CVS Bulgaria


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