Permaculture as a Path to Peace

Permaculture as a Path to Peace is a new project coordinated by GAIA, SCI’s branch in Kosovo and supported by Erasmus+ program. This project will explore new ways for creating paths to peace by using a permaculture approach.


The first activity took place from 18th till 29th of October in Recycled Estate, an educational center run by Green Network of Activist Groups from Croatia. Permaculture Design Course gathered around 20 activists and members of several SCI branches and partners, interested in this holistic and creative approach towards life. This course, rather intensive and inspiring, covered a diversity of topics such as sustainable communities, good economy, natural building, soil care and soil biology, composting, food production, reading landscapes, energy and water flows in systems and of course, permaculture tools, methods and patterns for designing.

Participants of this course are encouraged to share and apply gained skills and knowledge through the organization of smaller actions during summer workcamps or other voluntary activities. One of the participants will also continue his engagement as an EVS volunteer with GAIA Kosovo in a new permaculture project being initiated in small village of Bozevce, situated in the Eastern part of Kosovo.

In order to explore new methods, ways, tactics and tools which combines permaculture and peace work, representatives of partner organizations will gather in Spring in Kosovo to put together some creative ideas into a toolkit, which will provide useful tips and guidelines for those who will work in this field. One of these fields for experimentation will be a Youth Exchange in Mitrovica - a divided city situated in the north of Kosovo. This youth exchange will gather participants from Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. After this Youth Exchange, we hope that SCI world will recognize the benefits of including permaculture into its’ peace work and start learning and spreading the idea of it.

Stay tuned :)


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