Welcome Sonja!

This October we had a new member join the team - Sonja from Serbia! She will be supporting and monitoring of the Building Bridges Campaign, as well as the outcome of the Route to connect project. We are glad to introduce her to all of you with this interview!

Sonja, International secretariat of SCI, Antwerp, October 2017. Photo credit: Betty Abazova 

Hello Sonja, how did you find this volunteering position with SCI and what motivated you to apply?

Hello! I actually did not plan to do my EVS this year, but I was asked by one of the IS members if I would like to join the office for a year and work on the Building Bridges campaign. They were already looking for a person, and I was quite interested since the topic was related to my work in Serbia. And that is how I came to Antwerp.

Do you have previous volunteering experience and did you know SCI before?

Yes. I am part of VCV Serbia since 2015, and was working on many project since then – I was organizing volunteer meetings, I lead a workcamp in Germany, and did workshops on volunteer management with kids in high schools. Also, together with former EVS and few other people, I was coordinating a “Route to Connect’’ project. The core vision and values of SCI were interesting to me ever since I came to VCV, and I was quite familiar with them from the beginning. So now I have a feeling that a new door of the SCI world opened to me.

Do you have any expectations for Belgium and the life in Antwerp that you would like to share with us?

I would really like to learn Dutch and wander around the beautiful streets of Antwerp. I would also like to travel around Belgium. And, of course, to eat as much waffles as I can – beers are not my thing!



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