Welcome Betty!

Last week we had a new member join the team - Betty from Bulgaria. She is going to replace Marti as our communication volunteer. We are happy to introduce her to all of you with this interview! 

Betty, International secretariat of SCI, Antwerp, October 2017. Photo credit: Sonja Bara? 

Hello Betty, how did you find this volunteering position with SCI and what made you apply?

After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I decided that I needed a year to discover other fields, before making a decision on what I would like to do professionally in the future. I thought that volunteering would be a good way to gain experience, while contributing to a cause. Communication and PR are subjects I find very interesting, so as soon as I saw the call for EVS volunteers in the communication department of the IS of SCI - I seized the opportunity right away!

Do you have previous volunteering experience and did you know about SCI before?

Before I came to Belgium, I did a Service Civique in France, in the unemployment bureau of Montpellier. I can say that working with people and helping them every day made me grow as a person and inspired me to continue my voluntary work. When my mission was coming to an end I looked for opportunities abroad and that’s how I got familiar with the SCI.

What are some of your impressions from your first days in the office?

Everybody in very nice and helpful! The previous communication volunteer – Marti, was very well prepared for my coming and made sure I had all the information I would need, so I am very grateful to her. There is a friendly environment in the office, so I think I will have a great year working here!


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