Welcome Zahra!

Yesterday a new volunteer join us at International Secretariat of SCI in Antwerp - Zahra from Sri Lanka. She will be the new EVS volunteer to support the Peers to Peace project and she will replace Sky. We are glad to introduce Zahra to all of you with this interview.

Zahra, International Secretariat, Antwerp. October 2017. Photo Credit: Martina Pieri

Hello Zahra, how did you find this volunteering position with SCI and what was the motivation that makes you apply?
Hello, I found this position through SCI Sri Lanka. Volunteering is one of my passions as it is full of learning, exploring new things and meeting new people while contributing for a better world. I volunteer with different volunteer organisations, including SCI Sri Lanka. SCI is one of the voluntary organizations that works with people globally irrespective of gender, race and religion to promote a culture of peace – which I believe is very important for overall well-being and development of a country.

Did you have volunteering experience before and did you know SCI before?

Yes. I started to volunteer with different voluntary organizations since 2012. I have experience in volunteering for peace and reconciliation projects soon after the end of war, with United Nations Sri Lanka and other voluntary organization. I joint as a volunteer with SCI last year, and also participated in workcamps.

This is your first time in Europe, right? Do you have any expectations from Belgium and the life in Antwerp that you like to share with us?

Yes, this is my first time in Europe, coming from a hot country to a cold country. New country, new people and new challenges. But I am glad that people around me are ready to help me, especially the SCI staff, volunteers and people in Antwerp.  It’s going to be a life changing experience, full of learning, traveling and making new friend while contributing for SCI mission.


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