International Peace Day - 21st September

Today - 21st of September - is the International Peace Day. To mark this day, the No Hate Speech Campaign of the Council of Europe is organizing an Action Day countering Hate Speech against Muslims.

No Hate Speech prepared a concept note where they said:

“According to the survey, conducted by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe in 2012, Muslims are the second group most targeted by hate speech online. Anno 2017, this has not changed. The Annual Report 2016 of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance found that across Europe Anti – Muslim arguments are no longer confined to the fringes of society and are now also embraced by some mainstream politicians resulting in growing xenophobic populist discourse”.

Why did the No Hate Speech campaign decide to focus on this topic? he hate against Muslim is becoming larger and more prominent in today’s society. This may contribute to a more general disintegration of human values.

“The xenophobic populist discourse portrays a non-existing link between Refugees, Muslim faith and recent terrorist attacks in Europe. This simplistic xenophobic narrative does not reflect the reality where refugees of many different faiths seek safety from war and conflict”.

Wondering what you can do? the No Hate Speech gives some advice here. You can also support the Campaign through Thunderclap, upload your photo with a message, share some stories or share an infographic. You can also do some offline activities with something as simple as an opening doors at the local mosque or sending an invitation to have a tea/coffee together with Muslims community.



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