New faces in the BB team

The Building Bridges team has selected 7 new fresh members for the team! Half of them are helping Hinka (from CVS Bulgaria) with the BB toolkit tasks and half are assisting Suvi (from the IS) with the campaign. Please read their introductions below!


Laura Laitinen

My name is Laura Laitinen and I’m a board member in KVT Finland active in the Building Bridges projects. I’m especially interested in the arts and creative methods as paths for working together.

Cristina Tosone

I am doing the European Voluntary Service in Zavod Voluntariat, the Slovenian branch of SCI.My first workcamp was only 2 years ago, but since that first experience I have never stopped volunteering. It is no coincidence that it took place in an Asylum seekers Center.

I have always been interested in migration issues. One of the reason is that I am the niece of two Italians who migrated to Australia to look for a better future around 70 years ago. They were warmly welcomed and this step made a big difference in their everyday life.This is why I deeply believe everyone has the right to freely move to another country, especially when their own nation is destroyed by a war. And this also means we all have to offer our support to people who are fleeing their country for any reason, keeping in mind that we were (and we could be again) in their place.

I am joining the Building Bridges Team because it's one way to give my contribution to the refugee crisis. A lot of Sci branches are realising amazing projects involving refugees and migrants, and I think spreading these good practices is important to inspire and motivate other people to do the same.

Anna Sangra

My name is Anna Sangrà, I live and work in Barcelona (Catalunya) as a migration projects officer at a local NGO. My interests range from climate change-induced migrations to religious diversity and social cohesion. Moreover, I enjoy being part of various types of civil society activism.

Five years ago, I participated in a SCI workcamp in Dachau (Germany), on National Socialism and current forms of racism and social exclusion. That experience meant a lot to me; it taught me how nearly 100 young people from around 20 countries could meet for a fortnight and together learn from the past to fight for a better future. In Dachau, I had the opportunity of meeting Holocaust survivors and sharing points of view with other participants through workshops, talks, trips…  It goes without saying that I sustain many valuable friendships from those days.

Having in mind my interests and great experience with the SCI workcamp, I obviously wanted to be part of the BB campaign since I came to know about it. I am thrilled with the opportunity of assisting to the coordination, being able to share how SCI workcamps are raising awareness about refugees and displaced persons. All those methods and practices can inspire other SCI branches and activists around the world.


Ilaria Amadori

I am Ilaria, I have lived in 7 countries so far.

I consider myself a migrant and that's probably the reason why I stand for the rights of the people on the move. I am passionate about Middle Eastern Country and the Mediterranean Area, women and refugees rights, informal education. I believe that empathy and curiosity can change everyday life.

Nina Sutter

I’m Nina, I’m 24 years old, from Switzerland and currently studying Social Anthropology with a focus on migration studies. My interest in people in general but also in people from different countries living together is one reason why I’m delighted to join the BB-team. By taking part in voluntary projects I was already able to gain some very positive experience with refugees. I am for example part of a godparent project where I’m supporting a Syrian family by explaining national customs and giving them the possibility to practice their language skills. I find it very rewarding to have such a close contact with this family and I think one of the biggest problems in our society concerning migrants is, that people are just afraid of the unknown. Refugees are still a very important subject in our world at the moment and it is important to reduce prejudices and to include them in different activities.
About joining the BB-team, I also like that I get to work in an international group with people also interested in campaigning and working with asylum seekers and migrants. I’m looking forward to having an insight in how the building bridges team works and to contribute something myself.

Sonja Bara?

Hello, I am Sonja, coming from Serbia.I joined the BB campaign so I can have a more clear overview of what has been done so far within the campaign itself, and to get new, fresh ideas of what we can do in the future. :) Recently I was very much engaged in coordination of a ”A Route to Connect'' project.

Regarding my previous work, I was interested in searching about migration as a topic and I am really looking forward to learn new things and share them with others. I did many projects related to this, organizing raising awareness events about current situation with people seeking refuge in Europe, together with my friends from VCV Serbia. And for quite a while I was also volunteering and doing my regular job helping these people in need, mostly in Northern Serbia.

Gheorghe Zugravu

Gheorghe from Moldova will be the creative force behind visual materials such as banners and infographics of the campaign.



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