Statement in response to 17 August 2017 Barcelona attacks

Service Civil International (SCI) unequivocally condemns the terrorist attacks that took place on August 17 2017 in Barcelona on the Ramblas and in Cambrils. We express our deepest condolences to the victims and their loved ones and send strength to all those feeling the effects of the attacks. Now more than ever it is important to turn away from hate, terror and xenophobia and ensure that we come together to offer support and strength. SCI stands against violence and hopes that through a culture of peace these types of events will not occur again.

SCI Catalonia has released a statement on the 18th of August condemning the attacks. Please read the statement below.


"From the Service Civil International Catalonia we strongly condemn the terrorist attacks that took place yesterday, August 17th 2017, on the Ramblas of Barcelona and later on in Cambrils. First of all, we would like to express our condolences to the victims and their relatives and friends, and wish for a quick recovery to those who are still hospitalized.

We express our solidarity with the neighbours of Barcelona and El Raval, who witnessed horror in their streets and reacted without hesitation offering their help and support to the people affected.

We strongly reject both the violence that lies in the causes of these attacks and similar events anywhere, as well as any other type of violence that may arise from them. We denounce the causes of this unjustified terror and ask all institutions and parties, as well as to civil society, to answer with the unconditional defense of Human Rights, Peace and Solidarity. We do not forget that violence arises from armed conflicts - currently open 36 - of arms sales of which Spain is an export power, and from economic inequalities and human rights violations everywhere.

In any case, fear can allow hate speech or privacy of freedom. That is why, today more than ever, we reject racism, xenophobia and criminalization of specific groups. We defend a diverse and rich society in cultures, religions and origins, and we stand together against those who want to impose terror through violence.

We continue to demand the arrival of refugees and migrants as a worthy and universal response. We reaffirm our commitment to global peace and international solidarity and continue working in the opposite direction to barbarism and confrontation. Our response to hate is love. Our response to violence is freedom. And our response to fear is the courageous struggle in solidarity with all peoples and cultures."



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