The stories of “A Route to Connect” are on-line!

The stories and the videos collected on the Balkan Route have been posted on the blog! Stories of people, dreams, willing, courage, laugh, tears, hugs all collected by the volunteer team who from 15th of May till 2nd of June visited the so called Balkan Route, from Slovenia to Greece, passed Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia, visiting refugee camps, speaking with people and playing with children.

A Route to Connect” is a project supported by the European Youth Foundation, and its main focus is to raise and spread awareness on refugee conditions. Refugees as people, as family, as children. To understand why and what. The project is part of the main SCI campaign Building Bridges and from now till the end of the year the volunteers who participated in the Balkan study trip will organize activities and workshop in their own country with the support of SCI, to tell what they saw and heard.

In the meantime you can read some of these stories on the blog or on SCI’s Facebook page, where we have started to promote them. Read them, share them with your friends and family, raise awareness on the topic and be part of the Building Bridges Campaign!



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