Global Human Rights Week – Open call

The Global Human Rights Week is a 6 day global event coordinated by CCIVS in the framework of the Raising Peace Campaign. Its main task is to provide visibility to the challenges related to Peace and Human Rights worldwide, focusing on the actions implemented by the IVS movement on these specific topics. These initiatives share common goal: to cast a spotlight on the current situations of Human Rights, to encourage grassroots activism and to promote social change. 

The Global Human Rights Week (GHRW) will be from 16th to 20th of October 2017, and IVS organisations will implement awareness-raising actions, training events, volunteering, communication and advocacy actions on their chosen topics of Human Rights and Peace. On Saturday 21st October the Campaign will officially end with a final statement to recap and share the results achieve.

All these actions will be supported by the CCIVS office in Paris in the framework of the Raising Peace Campaign.

If your organization is planning to organise an initiative related to Peace and Human Rights during the day of the Global Human Rights Week, you can forword the details of the action to the CCIVS, through this form.

You can read here for more information.

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uman Rights during the days of the GHRW, you can forward the details of this action to CCIVS.
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can be included in the GHRW, thus receiving a globalaising Pework of the
Raising Peace


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