PATH Seminar in Serbia: first impressions

Exciting happenings in Novi Sad, Serbia as the the third main activity of SCI's PATH project, the "One Step Forward, One Step Back" seminar began on 8th of May, hosted by our Serbian branch, Volonterski Centar Vojvodine. Some of the participants shared their thoughts and impressions with us!
Participants during one of the session, Serbia (May 2017)

"A group of motivated participants from several countries are currently in Serbia for the PATH seminar to explore and discuss the history of forced migration during the wars in the 90’s in ex-Yugoslavia in comparison with the so-called refugee-crisis today. It has been really interesting (and shocking as well) to hear stories from persons directly in the field  working with refugees in Serbia, while the borders with Hungary and Croatia are practically closed now. We have been comparing the situation now with the forced migration that happened during the war in Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia and Kosovo, and discussing similarities between the situation now and in the 90’s. A guest speaker said that it has not changed so much and there are a lot of similarities with the situation during the break up of Yougoslavia, when people were seeking refugee, the only difference nowadays is that the people speak different languages and eat different food, but apart from this fact, it is a similar humanitarian crisis. 
Listening and interacting with guest speakers, following up with group work and watching a documentary have been some of the acitivites and methods we have used until now, while we also had the chance to visit Tavankut and Subotica to see the current situation on the so-called Balkan Route. During the seminar we will also contribute to a PATH project video and exhibition. We will be sharing more with you soon!"
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