Workcamp Promotion Storm: let’s start!

Tomorrow is the great day of the SCI Workcamp Promotion Storm 2017!
As every year, SCI has the aim to get thousands of people involved in workcamps around the world, enabling them to be part of community projects and encouraging them to experience volunteering as a way of life.

To help make this happen, each year, we organise a big, shared online action involving SCI branches, partners and volunteers from all around the world, making some noise on our social media networks to involve and evoke the curiosity of as many people as possible!

Every year hundreds of short term voluntary projects are organised in different fields and with different types of voluntary work. There is always something that will interest you. For example, did it ever occur to you that you could go abroad to ...

…experience a bike tour and connecting different communities in Kosovo?

…experience in the authentic rural lifestyle in Finland?

…building a school in Kenya?

…work with children of asylum seekers in Belgium?

…wake up to the sound of crying wolves in the USA?

…helping the children to take part in arts, music, dance, theatre, sports, and games in Palestine ?

...plant trees and gardening in Indonesia?

Tomorrow, 19th of April, SCI volunteers will promote this big action, according to their time zone. Don’t miss it and be part of the great change that SCI can bring to you! And don’t forget to add the hashtag #workcamps2017 to your posts and tweets, so we can all repost and share them!



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