Building Inclusive Paths – a project for non-violent resolution of conflict

From 16th to 18th of March the final event of the “Building Inclusive Paths” project took place in Rome. It was the conclusive moment after a  year and a half project, where the final outcomes were presented, through round tables, workshops and databases.

Building Inclusive Paths, started in  late 2015, it was a global action aimed at fostering transnational capacity building on conflict transformation and non-violent conflict resolution. The project is  co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and the SCI branches and groups involved were: SCI Italy, SCI India, SCI Sri Lanka, SCI Catalunya and VWAN Nigeria.

The project gathered youngsters from two European countries (Spain and Italy) and from three programme countries (India, Sri Lanka and Nigeria) affected by past or current internal conflicts. It included seminars, trainings and job shadowing in all the five countries, in fact 12 participants from the all partner countries were involved in a scheme of learning motilities through non-formal education opportunities. The activities of project  were:

  • A seminar in India to investigate the topic of non-violence topic and non-violent resolution of conflict;

  • A training in Italy to go deep into the practical modality of transformation and non-violent mediation of  conflicts;

  • A job shadowing period, during which 12 volunteers went in small groups in the different partner countries, to analyse a specific conflict resolution of each country;

  • And the final conference.

The aim of the project was to acquire skills in the field of non-violent conflict transformations and mediation. The project outcome will be used to do awareness raising and advocate activities. The E-Book is currently available in English, Italian and Spanish.



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