PATH and Route to Connect in Spain!

From 10th to 15th March the first official seminar of PATH will take place in Spain, at Alt Emporda’, Catalonia, hosted by Servei Civil Internacional and the Route to Connect team will also meet in Barcelona.

Participants at PATH Seminar, "Learn and Get Inspired from the Past", Alt Emporda' , Catalunya, Spain. Photo Credit: Suvi Helko.

It’s time! After the preparatory meeting last November in Budapest, the PATH project – a project funded by Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union -   will officially start with the first big activity of 2017: the seminar  “Learn and Get Inspired from the Past”, with the aim to explore the history of the Spanish civil war and focus on the topic of forced migration. Participants will follow the refugee route and be introduced to important historical spots: Elna Maternity Hospital, the venue of the concentration camp Argeles, Exile Memorial Museum etc. The project envisages working with local witnesses, experts and activists. For this seminar SCI received almost 90 applications, from which 20 participants have been selected.. PATH is one of the SCI projects that is focusing on remembrance and historical events to better understand  what is happening today with the phenomenon of forced migration. Projects on remembrance and past errors during  history,  are quite common during last and the coming year, a sign that NGO, civil society and the European Union are putting a lot of effort on raising awareness on what is really happening in Europe and the Middle East, trying to not use stereotypes to identify the situation, but on the contrary working and, reflecting on it thanks to the past and speaking with those directly involved. In fact, the other new SCI project that will be implemented throughout 2017, is “A Route to Connect”, and this week also time for its team  to meet in Barcelona for a couple of days.

“A Route to Connect: Youngsters crossing borders for a better Europe” is a project of SCI supported by the European Youth Foundation, focused on spreading awareness about the refugee situation along the Balkan route, giving a voice to the stories of refugees and empowering youngsters to take action. The project is part of SCI Building Bridges campaign. The main activities of the project will be a field trip in the Balkans, on the so called “Balkan Route”, to visit different refugee camps.



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