Wondering what SAVA is up to?

After not hearing from us in a while, we would like to announce: SAVA WG is back with a fresh face in the coordination team! As a reminder: in October 2016 SAVA has welcomed Dragana Jovanovska (CID Macedonia) to the team who will together with Ivana Kostadinovic (VCV Serbia), Nevena Sicevic (VCV Serbia) and Victoria Marinova (CVS Bulgaria) coordinate and support activities and organizations in the Balkans.

To make sure we do this in the best way possible, we organized a physical meeting of the CT (for the first time after a very long time!) during the weekend 18-19th February in the house of the Volunteers’ Center of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Serbia. We took the time to go through and discuss the Action Plan again and in more details, making sure we update and strengthen it, thus making a good strategy for the implementation of the tasks and activities.

So don’t think us being silent also means we were inactive the past months. Among other things we were working on, we have been planning and working on different activities in the Balkans (and beyond), that will be our main focus this year.

From 27th of November to 4th of December SCI Germany and SAVA WG organized a seminar countering hate speech against refuges in online media. The seminar was in Berlin and it was organized by and it gathered participants from Germany, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Kosovo. They were selected based on their motivation and previous involvement in the No Hate Speech campaign and refugee work. There were many interesting discussions about the current situation in Europe and we looked at social media for the example of hate speech towards refugees in different countries as well as laws and ways how to combat it. Participants worked on the two new projects that will be announced later this year, so the idea is to stay active and to face this growing issue.

After the German-Balkan No Hate Speech seminar we planned and will soon have the results about the further common projects together with SCI Germany. Additional to the Camp Coordinator Training we will have in Kuterevo, we will also hopefully get to co-coordinate an Erasmus+ project on permaculture as a peace building tool that GAIA Kosovo is applying for. So keep your fingers crossed!

And those are briefly just some of the news… In any case - stay tuned, the updates are coming soon! J

If you are interested in the further plans we have for the region, feel free to drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We also kindly invite everyone who would like to keep up with SAVA to let us know, so you can be added to our mailing list. We would be more than happy to get to share the news with as many of you as possible!


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