SCI's approach to the "Refugee Crisis"

10 volunteers and representatives of SCI branches, SCI's Building Bridges Campaign and international project groups were gathered for 4 days in the sunny, snowy office of VCV Serbia. The cosy place did not necessarily reflect the critical topic discussed: the so called "refugee crisis" and the possible approach of SCI, events foreseen to support the struggle on the field and to increase the awareness on the present situation. One of the participants of the meeting shared an overview with us over the weekend, find out more...

Representatives SCI branches and teams gathered in Serbia to disscuss SCI's strategy concerning the "refugee crisis", Serbia (January 2017)

"Starting from Thursday we have been discussing:

  • connecting and understand the flows and intentions of the different SCI events + projects for 2017 focusing on the topic of the "refugee crisis"
  • the political dimension of the volunteering SCI work
  • fundraising for the cause
  • how to address emergency situation as a volunteering organisation
  • local approaches and work on the field as added value to the workcamp programs

On Friday we went on a field trip to the north of Serbia, Vojvodina, a town of 100.000 inhabitants Subotica, lying on the border to Hungary and one of the main spots on the transit routes of migrants and refugees.

We met local activists, discussed the possible cooperation and real meaning of freedom of movement and visited a project supporting the transit migrants with the most basic and urgent facilities and support. We also had the chance to discuss the present situation around the border area and the feasibility of volunteering in such a context.

Today, Saturday, we are return to our meeting and want to focus on fundraising strategies to strengthen work on the field and act according to the most urgent needs as well as how to address the root causes of the "refugee crisis" in a broader manner within SCI and its projects."

How can you support?

1. Contribute! SCI has been involved in many different crises and even conflict areas over the years. We would like to learn more about them and the activities carried out by SCI throughout history in this context. These include:

  • materials (handbooks, reports, photos, videos, etc.) from activities implemented during "refugee crises" and/or in conflict areas, since the early years of SCI, which are not already present on the SCI website or the No More War website;
  • stories and/or contacts from volunteers who were involved in such activities;
  • information about current activities in this field which are not yet included in the Building Bridges toolkit.

Please send your contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

2. Support the volunteers in the field.

3. Support the funding of future projects by donating to SCI's Refugee fund.


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