Peers to Peace? It's time to start!

The Peers to Peace project steering-team met for four days in Gelsenkirchen, Germany to plan the launch and implementation of Peers to Peace: Peer learning and Peer support for Capacity Building in international volunteer work, a project that is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. 

The Prep-team of Peers to Peace take a step forward, Gerlsenkirchen. Germany (January 2017)

Have you ever wondered how other organisations keep volunteers motvated, how they successfully manage to share and use valuable knowledge, how they organise meaningful projects and where they get money for all that when the public sources are so limited? If your answer to at least one of those question is positive, then you might want to get involved in one of the many project activities and explore those topics with peers from other branches and partners.

At the beginning of February we officially launch the Peers to Peace project with two kick off meetings online. Stay tuned for more information via regular project updates on the latest news and the SCI E-ZINE, see you there!


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