ICM is happening, right now!

It started yesterday, the 76th edition of SCI’s ICM – International Committee Meeting, in Gelsenkirchen, hosted by the German branch of SCI.

ICM participants in Gelsenkirchen, Germany (December 2016)

The ICM is the main decision making body of SCI. It is the annual meeting of all SCI member organisations (branches and groups). The meeting lasts 4 days – from 8th to 11th of December -  and allows to all SCI branches and group to discuss about the year already past and look together to the future of the association and voluntary work.

The agenda is full and plenty of sparks: the Plan of Action for 2017, new ideas for the future, what we can do better and how. Besides, with 2020 approaching, the first steps of the 100th anniversary of SCI will be discussed and planned.

30 branches and groups are attending the ICM right now and more than 60 SCI representatives from all over the world. For sure it’s not easy to manage such a big, extended network, with a huge range from a geographical, cultural and social point of view, and ICM is one of the points of strength. Commenting on the start of this year’s ICM, the former President of IEC, Paolo Pagano commented “Democracy is not in good shape in 2016. It looks more and more like numerical majorities prevailing on numerical minorities instead of the sovereignty of the people for the people. The good news is that Service Civil International (SCI) is gathering these days for the #76ICM and there you'd see what democracy is: the capacity of different cultures and approaches to create robust consensus around inclusive ideas and to work together. This inclusive democracy has worked since 1920, has survived the one-man democracies that brought humanity into the darkest of the period, has survived ideologies that imposed goals with no participation, and will survive also the democracy of populism used by numerical majorities to isolate themselves behind walls."

You can follow the ICM live streaming via the Members Area, and also on our social media, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #76ICM.



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